ALMECON Technologie GmbH - transformation into an owner-managed family company

With effect from 01.05.2024, Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Lorenz Vinke took over all shares in ALMECON Technologie GmbH and the associated holding company Vinke & Weber GbR from his co-partner Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Weber.

With this step, ownership and management power are fully combined. The aim is to realign the family business for the future and establish it for the next generation. A long-term orientation is a guarantee for the sustainable development and stability of ALMECON. Our aim is to strengthen cohesion and trust within the company to promote team spirit and make decision-making more efficient. The trust of our customers and employees should be strengthened to establish the continuity and tradition of ALMECON.

"I have become increasingly aware of this responsibility in the course of the decision-making process, and I am pleased to be able to carry out this task in accordance with ethical principles for my employees, customers, suppliers and all interested parties," says Lorenz Vinke when asked what motivated him to make this decision.

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