By concentrating our core competencies and goal-oriented action, combined with the performance and team spirit of all employees,

  • save the future
  • extend the market position and
  • Increase income.

In doing so, all employees are given equal treatment, observing the legal / official work and environmental protection regulations, and respecting our customers and suppliers as a link in our value chain.

We commit ourselves together

  • to meet all the relevant requirements of the interested parties
  • to constantly improve and exceed our quality and customer satisfaction
  • to actively develop our know-how and value-adding processes and
  • to complete orders to the full satisfaction of customers and to be ready for delivery.

Quality goals can be viewed in the management review.

ALMECON® - your competent supplier and service provider

From the foundation phase until now ALMECON® recorded healthy growth and has established itself as a competent supplier and service provider for the aerospace, offshore, nuclear, railway and automotive industry.

We process all metallic materials such as Al, Mg, Ti, Ni, CrNi. New requirements on materials or processes as well as their qualifications are verified and validated through dedicated project teams.

As a supplier of Finish Parts ALMECON® disposes of a professional procurement management. First-class technology, professional project execution and competitive cost structures make ALMECON®-quality attractive for the global market.


1997 Foundation of ALMECON® Entwicklungs-, Beratungs- und Beschaffungsges. mbH. Focuses are Welding Technology and Non-Destructive Testing

2009 Foundation of ALMECON® Technologie GmbH & Co KG. Amalgamation of business areas welding, bending technology and machining in this company

2013 merger of ALMECON® Technologie GmbH & Co KG to ALMECON® Technologie GmbH. Change of legal form into a corporation

2014 merger of ALMECON® Entwicklungs-, Beratungs- und Beschaffungsgesellschaft mbH to ALMECON® Technologie GmbH. Consolidation of all competencies by focusing on the areas joining technology, material engineering and metal forming as well as the extended core competence in mechanical processing